Program of work





  1. Select businesses that deserve a Visual Enhancement award on a regular basis. This is an award that is given out locally. Design Committee will select.

  2. Work to bring more public art to Cleveland (The Grover, the Mosquito Burrito Alley, Sharpe Street Alley, an Art Walk, bike racks, murals, sculptures, etc.)

  3. Continue Façade Grant program funded by Cleveland Bites.




  1. Develop a better database of email addresses for members.

  2. Start a monthly newsletter for members to inform them of what Team Cleveland is doing.

  3. Invite all members to full board meetings and switch meeting times back to noon for all meetings.

  4. Develop a Welcome Committee that greets new and existing members.

  5. Research what other towns are doing.

  6. Start requiring all board members to serve on a committee, send out a survey and let them make their choice.



Economic Restructuring


  1. Keep up with all business activities downtown.

  2. Develop an inventory for downtown and other areas of town that can benefit from development.           

  3. Develop a promotional piece that highlights things to do, shopping and dining.





  1. Ask each business to submit names and help call people when we need volunteers for events.

  2. Develop an active promotions committee that will help develop new fundraising opportunities and other programming for Team Cleveland.  These events could include but are not limited to:

  • Easter Egg Hunt

  • Good Old Fashioned Day (Soap Box Races- build on this- maybe include car show)

  • Cleveland Bites- make it an annual event

  • Pumpkin Decorating Contest (similar to Pumpkinpalooza in Starkville- merchants pay $25 for decorated pumpkin, could get DSU art dept involved. Hold this the week of October 25th and ask DSU student groups and art students in Cleveland to decorate pumpkins, sell them for a fundraiser.  Pumpkins should be decorated to celebrate DSU’s homecoming. 

  • Fundraiser for landscaping on Hwy 61, etc (other beautification projects)

  • Holiday Open House- keep this the same weekend.  Continue to promote Saturday evening and Sunday.  Live music was good on Saturday evening.

  • Prepare for the opening of the Grammy Museum by encouraging businesses to stay open late on certain nights.  This could start with Art in the Alley evenings.  We will ask businesses to stay open late on the first Thursday of each month with Art in the Alley.  May look at having live music, etc.

  • Small Business Saturday- remind businesses of this event and promote through Facebook.

  • Holiday Tour of Homes- fundraiser an annual event.

  • Work with KCB to promote Restaurant Week (last week of January) and start a program where $1 of each item ordered off the special menu goes to a project that can be voted on by restaurant goers (projects could be: bike lanes, public art, etc)

  1. Distribute Keep Cleveland __________ signs made by Wiljax to businesses.

  2. Put promotional materials for Cleveland at Grammy Museum.

  3. Improve online presence for visitors

  4. Form a committee that helps promote and plan live music including the Blues